Planet Zero:
We are on Planet Zero, the planet closest to the majestic kingdom of Thiran. Along with two further planets and seventeen moons it forms the only planetary system with life in the outermost part of the ever expanding universe…


“You still feel the heat from the reconstruction of our molecules after teleporting here, right? This old device will lose someone’s limb one day … “

We are immersed in the exploration of an ancient cave to the Thiranten people on Planet Zero, wherein ancient scripts tell of three artifacts that, when activated, increase Thiren’s gravitational and magnetic field to  protect the kingdom from cosmic and stellar radiation…

As we finish our mission, far in distant space, a giant object appears from the left followed by a smaller one, both moving fast towards the planet Thiran.

Our partner alarms us:

-Thanu: “Ziu !!! It looks like some ships are approaching Thiran, fast. Let’s go back to the teleporter!!! “

-Ziu: “I’m almost done with this device. A touch more and it will be ready…”

The objects increase their speed. As we leave the cave and return to the teleporter, we see the ships approaching. When we are halfway between the teleporter and the cave, the first large object collides head on with Thiran, generating a huge explosion. The second object is then submerged in the fire and explosion, also entering the planet.


We enter the teleporter, taking us to Thiran.


Ziu and his team arrive at Thiran, a Thiran full of debris, dust, bodies on the ground, fire… All destroyed.

In a part of the city …

-Thanu: “That gigantic ship has destroyed our entire kingdom.”

“We have to find the survivors” – “Ziu, follow the trail of the explosion.  You are the best explorer, maybe the small ship has not suffered so much damage.”


“Go. Find out what happened and return.”
“Come on!!”

The team disperses, Ziu leaving alone in the direction of the crash.

As we move through the destroyed city, a  few meters, we are moving objects out of the way with our powers, releasing survivors trapped between the ruins and …

We stand before a black spider that is holding a Thiranten.

We stand paralyzed, watching as it absorbs the body.

– Unknown presence: “Advan…, Atta…, Shoo …”

An unclear static image appears in our head.


Ziu attacks the enemy spider and destroys it, absorbing its life force into himself. He tries to communicate once again, this time more clear.

– Unknown presence: “Wow, it seems your powers have increased. Now I can communicate better.”

-Unknown Presence: “At last they have gone to hell, those damn spiders.”

“These creatures are the most terrifying beings in the universe. They are as fast {} as lightning, and possess a deadly poison that destroys {}{}  in a matter of seconds.  You are lucky that the energy of your planet leaves them weak.”


-Ziu: “Who are you?”


– Unknown Presence: “I am the second commander onboard the ship that has traveled across the galaxy seeking Seelecthus.”


“My ship was not capable of stopping before the gravitational field of your planet and we were pulled into an imminent explosion.”

“The crew members did not survive the collision. I am trapped inside the ship, and cannot move. I am only able to communicate because of my unique telepathic ability.”

-Ziu: “Do you know who caused this? Whoever is responsible must pay for what they have done … “

– Unknown Presence: “Not so fast young warrior, Seelecthus is a very powerful being. He could turn you to dust just by looking at you.”

-Ziu: “And how could you think you could defeat him through the galaxy with your deadly power of telepathy…?”

– Unknown Presence: “It’s not my fault that Seelecthus decided to destroy your planet.”

“My crew was powerful, more than you can imagine.”

“We can continue arguing while Seelecthus approaches his objective, or I can guide you to become stronger and destroy it.”

-Ziu: “How will you be able to guide me?”

– Unknown presence: “You see, I can sense the accumulation of energy, which allows me to see an image of its whereabouts. I can see some ruins … like pyramids … but I can not see inside. Something is blocking my way…”

-Ziu: “That is the Great Pyramid. The priests say that within it is a very valuable object, but no one has ever entered. It is protected”

– Unknown Presence: “We are out of time. I have seen how you are able to absorb energy. We will have to discover it. The Pyramid is not far away, do you have the ability to levitate?”

-Ziu: “Ability to what??”

– Unknown presence: “Never mind, you will have to walk.”

“I will be your lookout, warning you when any danger approaches.”

“Let’s go!”